Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Intro

Nail art has always been around, but it seems over the past year or so the craze has grown to tremendous heights! 

To put it simply, I am no different, I too am a nail art fanatic! My collection of bling, glitter, and nail polish has quickly turned from “Oh, I Iike this pink” to “awww man I have 3 of these already??! Crazy I know! 

After years and years of throwing money down the drain paying for nail art at the salons (that I would end up taking off a hour later anyway) I finally gave myself the benefit of the doubt and decided to try myself. 

With a little practice and a lot of patience I have learned new methods, techniques and have let my creativity take off! 

The great thing about nail art, is that inspiration lies at every corner. I am constantly learning, and getting new ideas. I have been inspired by so many amazing nail artists that I have watched in awe over the years and hope to one day to reach their ranks!

I have just started to actually document the nail art that I have done. I have faith in myself that I can become the nail artist that one day plan to be!

If you too are a nail art fanatic and share the passions that I have, keep an eye on this blog! I will be posting tutorials, reviews and how to’s  on the nails I create and the products that I use!
So, lets cut the ribbon and open Color Me Vibrant!  May it be everything that I indeed it to be!



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